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Aerial Photo

Several of you have asked for more pictures of the views from the top of the tower. I am not a photographer, but this page contains my first attempts at creating panoramic images of the view from each of the three sides of the tower. Using digital technology I have joined together several separate photographs to create an (almost) seamless panorama. They aren't perfect, but they do give a good idea of what you'll see from the top. Can you see the joins?

Click on the little pictures below to open a new window, and then use the scroll bars at the bottom and side to pan across the view. Please note that these are very large images and will therefore take a long time to download to your computer unless you have a fast internet connection.

Facing East
Panorama Facing East
East Topograph
Facing South
Panorama Facing East
South Topograph
Facing Northwest
Panorama Facing Northwest
Panorama Facing Northwest
The top of the tower - using the same technology I have made this composite image from several smaller photographs of the top of the tower.
View of the top of the tower

These panorama photographs were taken on 9th and 10th April 2006.

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